Everybody's Asking HU-DAT?

Ok, so Kim Huncho aka Dj Hu-Dat is one of New York city's bubbling DJ's on their scene. Hu's rep proceeds her as she's opened for a majority of this year's rising talents, turned up some of your favorite parties, and introduced you to a artist or two.

With all that being said you can understand why I've been trying to connect with her for the past 6 months. She's one of those people I've come across on the internet that I think is dope and inspires me. I hate long distance relationships, so I had to break the e-communication and "pull up."

Before I get ahead of myself and jump straight to the "pull up," me and Hu first connected through email. It was November and I had a idea for a event in the spring that I wanted her apart of.  The event never came to life, but our relationship did. One day Kim reached out through email with her # saying she really likes the brand and we should link.                     

"We should link" turned into months of texting, missed link-ups. and sharing ideas. 

We both we're persistent though and never loss contact. After firing off elaborate ways we could collaborate for months, one more simple idea stuck. The first ever Stilo Guest Mix.

I asked Kim for it and she agreed with no hesitation. Within a few days I had the mix and was hype to upload to it. Until I noticed I didn't have a cover. I wasn't compelled to design one, so I thought the cover should be her. I told Hu and she instantly had a solution. Hu was spinning at V-Files for her homie Kelow Latesha. The Listening was a few days later and the day finally came for you me to "pull up" and the rest was history.


Calling the play and living in the moment. Nonetheless it's a lot of Yoffee.

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