It's been 2 years since I revisited my alma mater, but when I did return it was on stage with thousands of students viewing. It was owlchella, which is a spring concert for Temple University students that featured Tory Lanez, Rich the Kid, and singer Jacques. Ralphy Black, who is Rich the Kid's DJ has been supporting Ammo Stilo for quite some time now, so when he came to Philly it was only right he linked up with one of his favorite brands. 

On the day of the show I met with Ralphy, Gramz, and Rich the Kid at the back entrance and was escorted backstage. Once back stage I saw a lot of familiar faces. There we're lots of smiles, handshakes, and hugs, I kind've felt like a politician. After the politics, we went to the green room. We were there long enough to roll 1 backwood before they called Rich to the stage.



We rushed out the room to the stage and I instantly felt the energy from the crowd as phones lit up the stadium and fans screamed and jumped. Rich went through his catalog of bangers both old and new. Toward the end of his performance he started jumping in the crowd performing with the fans then somehow he climbed his way to the balcony and performed with fans there.

After the fun was over we went back to the green room and talked with Jacques about who snipes the most girls on tour. There we're a few tour tales told I could never speak of and some laughs share before it was time to go back on stage to perform "Talk to Me" with Tory Lanez. Once Rich was finished performing him and his crew left for their hometown of New York, which they all mentioned that they loved and missed so much.


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