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Everybody's Asking HU-DAT?

Ok, so Kim Huncho aka Dj Hu-Dat is one of New York city's bubbling DJ's on their scene. Hu's rep proceeds her as she's opened for a majority of this year's rising talents, turned up some of your favorite parties, and introduced you to a artist or two. With all that being said you can understand why I've been trying to connect with her for the past 6 months. She's one of those people I've come across on the internet that I think is dope and inspires me. I hate long distance relationships, so I had to break the e-communication and "pull up." Before I get ahead of myself and jump straight to the "pull up," me and Hu first...

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Ok, so it's raining, I'm on the Chinatown bus, it smells, and the guy behind me is coughing up a lung over my shoulder. As you can imagine I was literally itching to get off this bus. Despite my funky beginnings, the day did start to take a positive turn. As I stared out the window awaiting arrival I noticed a guy walking with a 3:18 STILO bag. For those of you who don't know the 3:18 bag is the most rare STILO bag to date.   Intrigued by the organic placement of STILO in my universe, I pull out my phone to catch this guy on my IG story. Of course by the time I get my phone out he...

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It's been 2 years since I revisited my alma mater, but when I did return it was on stage with thousands of students viewing. It was owlchella, which is a spring concert for Temple University students that featured Tory Lanez, Rich the Kid, and singer Jacques. Ralphy Black, who is Rich the Kid's DJ has been supporting Ammo Stilo for quite some time now, so when he came to Philly it was only right he linked up with one of his favorite brands.  On the day of the show I met with Ralphy, Gramz, and Rich the Kid at the back entrance and was escorted backstage. Once back stage I saw a lot of familiar faces. There we're lots of...

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